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About me


I am Ann, a Nigerian by birth who moved to Finland in 2016 for a master’s degree in Cultural Studies at the University of Tampere, Finland. I had my first degree in Mass communication and having worked after my bachelor’s degree for about four years, I was hungry for more knowledge, exposure and a different perspective of life. I researched a wide range and choices of universities all over the world, and decided Finland would be my first conquest.

I am not sure where the second conquest would be though as Finland is already seeming like a place that I might spend the rest of my life. I had lived all my life in Nigeria before travelling and was so eager to see and explore what the outside world feels like. I was eager for change, either as a result of the inadequacies around me or, eager for a different approach and routine in my life.

I came to Finland hungry, thirsty and adventurous and the plan was that I would  proceed with my masters  degree while at the same time, do an exchange study in some other country and graduate somewhere else other than in Finland. Well, I have graduated since 2019, made a few trips out of Finland for short visits, and I have been stuck. I fell in love with Finland, its serenity, nature and people and that is why this blog itself has a “Finland” approach to its name.

Join me as I share my experiences, Ideas and inspiration towards moving and settling in Finland. What I brought with me that still remains and the part of me that has been thrown away and maybe never retrievable. I am very passionate  about cultural issues that shape our interpersonal lives and relationships we have with people, money and certain societal standards.

My approach is towards a healthy and balanced life, with  purpose. To build a community with a sense of belonging,  inclusion  and diversity for anyone trying to find their purpose in life either  through migration and trying to live in the moment or trying to make a home and settle where your  heart is.