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First Internship In Finland – New Intern

It is with great pleasure that I write this piece as I am being introduced as the new intern to Juhla Glow events Company. My name is Ann, a Nigerian  and graduated from Tampere University  here in Finland with a  master’s Degree in Cultural Studies. I would describe myself  cheerful, easygoing and intuitive. To be honest, sheepishly grinning from ear to ear as I write this. I had my first degree in Mass communication and having worked after my bachelor’s degree for about four years, I was hungry for more knowledge and decided to take on the course of media and cultural studies. I looked at a wide range and choice of universities all over the world, and decided Finland would be my next conquest. I come from a very sunny tropical country with over one hundred and 180 different tribes, tribes rich in culture and ever ready to show off glamour at any given cause to celebrate. Tribes that also specifically love to party at any given opportunity and would go any length to make a celebration worth the noise. No wonder Nigeria was one time at the top of the list of the world’s happiest people.  

The Events, marketing and promotions industry is really fast growing and it has grown beyond the cause of just bringing people together to celebrate for a good cause. There are now more reasons other than for example weddings, birthdays, graduation ceremonies or the likes to celebrate, throw a party or have a gathering of happy people. Companies and firms also use this as a means to launch, unveil, sell, promote or create awareness for their new or existing products or services. Bringing people together seems to erupt positive energy which can also been used as a platform for interpersonal communication and networking which is a very good resource for any organization.

I remember my first contact with Juhlasuunnittelu Glow, I was searching for events planning companies in Tampere and really wanted to be a part of one, I felt that I could at least continue some aspects of my life I left back home in Nigeria. When I came across the website, and read through the details, the personal touch and interaction of the entire website amazed me. I feel this is what every brand should have. That personal platform for one on one, easy and immediate interaction. I remember my first email to Mia, my then supervisor when applying for the Internship position. I was filled with anxiety as I kept checking my email each and every minute for a feedback. And lo and behold, we met up in café, had a brief interview “get to know” session (very informal) of course I did get a Feedback! 

I hope that I can immensely add more value and a definite unique selling proposition to more brands in the future by contributing to creating an atmosphere to celebrate achievements, promote prosperity in togetherness and most importantly sharing value.

The internship was totally  an intriguing experience for me. I was beyond excited to experience and share in an interesting part of the Finnish culture that involves celebrations occasions and events. This is because it is a platform for  people to come together and  celebrate a good cause. It is also usually  filled with positive energy and vibrancies.

 This was no doubt a big stepping stone  to my career continuation in Finland and it brought an array of hope and possibilities for my dreams. Here is cheers to all forth coming celebrations!! Anyone looking to plan an event here, please do not hesitate to contact me as I would be glad to link you up. Also, I must say Thanks to Glow for having me!!!


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